Monday, 23 April 2012

Button Making!

I thought it'd be a nice touch if I made my own buttons, they should add a lovely finish to my garments. I've also always fancied giving ceramics a go, so I was very excited this morning when I rolled up to our ceramics and glass workshop :)

Rolling out the clay...

Adding texture to the clay by rolling fabric over the top of it - it presses the pattern into it

You can just make out the pattern, looks a bit scaley, its quite cool but it needs more work to it so it blends with my project.

Time to cut some button shapes out

Made lots so far!

How they're looking...

fabric pressing again

with another material on top!

Looks funky - going to look forward to see how that dried!

Another form of material to press into it... love the messy effect it leaves

Lots of buttons all different shapes and sizes :)

Time to experiment with more material being pressed into the clay - this time using studio white clay

adding more on top

and again

now time to cut more out again...

Loooots of buttons!

Making coloured clay :)

Now to leave it to reduce...

Buttons now have holes!

You have to drill the holes with a drill bit.

Now the clays reduced done I can play with it, this has 4 different coloured clays in it, looks forward to see how it comes out of the cilm 

stretching to clay to make a skin effect

Rolling some more...

Stretched clay.

I'll take a photograph of the buttons that accompany this clay tomorrow I was a dough nut and forgot! Total rubbish lol.

Anyway thats enough for today - hope you like them so far will keep you informed with their progress, and I'm making glass ones tomorrow, EXCITING


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