Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Screen Printing Continues...

So as promised here's my outcomes from the print room today! However they have a little less colour... you'll see why later on :)

All ready!

Colours all mixed...

First one to come out! Wasn't a fan of this print to start off with on fabric I quite like it :)

Here's the first outcome of the bitmapping - I'll take a better photograph of it tomorrow when its dry

Second one - didn't come out as well as the first but I'll have another look tomorrow when they're dry

While my screen was drying I started some heat press. For this you draw on to paper with heat set dies, and then once the paper is dry you put it on top of your fabric and either using a heat press or an iron you add heat to it and the dye transfers onto the fabric

Some more bitmapping...

No way near as good as the first one - not going to be using that part of the screen again!

Time to expose my second screen

Here's all the prints I exposed onto the second screen

Results from the heat press once they'd dried :)

More screen prints

Definitely like the simple black and white - thinking my colour palette is going to bend more towards that now...

More heat press samples

Screen printing is a messy job!

First stage of an A3 print

Bat repeat

Full A3 finished print

Extra one with added print on top, although went a bit wonky going to have to try it again - although I don't like the colours in that way...

More heat press...

I know I said I was going to add more colour to them but I think, I prefer them black and white, I'm now thinking of keeping them plain with dashes of blue and grey, what do you think? Please leave comments with your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated :)

These designs are for Autumn/Winter, and with my sketchbook, they were never going to be brightly coloured, I think the garments that these prints are going to go on to will be fairly simple with little bits of important detail, also the garments will be oversized so I love the effect of the black and white, it really stands out but its also classic! I'm going to look into blowing them up and making the prints oversized as well.

They'll be more to come tomorrow, they'll be a bit more exciting as they'll be tie dyed and I'll layer up more prints.



  1. Wow these are so cool! I really like them:)

  2. My thoughts exactly, Claire!

    Sarah, thank you. What a visual treat this is.

    You rock!


  3. i like those really cool

  4. Thank you so much guys! Really appreciated the feedback! :)