Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tie Dying Tutorial

Ok so as promised here's the tie dying tutorial!

First you will need:
Elastic bands
Rubber Gloves
And something to protect you floor

Follow the instructions on the back of the dye packet as depending on what dye you get they all slightly differ.

Always love the colours that come out of the dye. This will turn grey/black!

While your water is absorbing the dye wash your fabrics and give them a good scrub to make sure the dye takes to them as best as possible.

Once your fabrics are washed, using the gloves put your hand into the dye and give it a stir, feel the bottom to make sure the dye and salt have been disolved into the water, if the bottom feels grainy keep stirring until it disappears.

Its important you test the dye first on little bits of fabric to make sure it comes out the colour it you want it! You can add more dye or more water depending whether you want the colour darker/deeper or lighter/fainter.

While your fabric test is going on you can fold or scrunch you fabric to how you want it. The beauty of tie dye is to make it as random as possible, although sometimes more structured folds can have stunning effects.

Now wrap your elastic bands round as tight as possible, the more you put on the less fabric will be dyed. Make sure they are nice and tight so the dye can't seep in!

This again you can play around with and try several different ways to achieve different effects.

Drop your fabrics into the dye, I left mine for 2 hours however its totally up to you! Just remember the sooner you take it out the lighter the colour will be and the longer its left the better chance the dye has at taking to the fabric and becoming darker. 

Again you can play around with this and take some out sooner and others out lots later, they can even be left for a day or two if your elastic bands are very tight! :)

When your ready to take you fabric out first rince it under a hot tap, be careful not to burn yourself though!

Then zip or undo the elastic bands, I always cut them off but becareful not to catch the fabric with the scissors!

It should start to look like something like this

Unravel the fabric and rince under warm water and then lastly under cold water, you should then have something like this which you can now leave to dry :).

After your fabric is dry make sure you iron the material to set the dye so it doesn't come out.

And there you have it! Have fun! 


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