Monday, 14 May 2012

Digital Prints

So tomorrow is time to send off the digital prints, I figured I let you look at what I've done first...

These to a both done using the glass brain I made, I photocopied it then scanned it in and turned the darkness up on it, to create this black brain.

These are my glass buttons  - the background was created by taking a close up shot of the above black brain.

This one reminds me of bubble wrap so I have sent a few of them to print so I can melt plastic and bubble wrap into them :)

These are the buttons I said reminded me of 101 Dalmatians with the black outerlined buttons behind. I then played around with the transparency.

This is one of my favourites! I just love it, its my curled buttons, I scanned them in and played around with the hue/saturation to bring out the blue colour more. I placed a gradient behind it. I then melted bubble wrap, took an unclose blurred photo of it in order to create this glitter/flare effect, I then played around with the transparency and placed it on top of the original file, and this is the outcome. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT ON FABRIC!!

This is very similar to the above buttons one, I just wanted to see which came out best on fabric :)

This is a close up of the glass brain, I over sharpened it to bring out the more detail, played around with the hue/saturation (+20) to bring out the cyan more. After that I changed the transparency so it wasn't to bright and still fit in with my colour palette.

This again is another favourite! Its very space age. Its one of my larger buttons scanned in, the background is melted plastic from below which I adjusted the transparency of, and placed a gradient behind, I then placed the above close up bubble wrap layer on top of it. I played around with the hue/saturation again of each layer to gain the right colours :).

This is the melted plastic from the above image, I also placed the bubble wrap over the top again.

This is an over sharpened version of the glass brian again which I photocopied, then placed into photoshop removing all shapes of grey replacing the with black, and layering different close ups over each other with different transparency to gain this effect :).

This is the glass brain repeated.

This is 3 buttons, two for the back ground and one for the above xray. I played around with hue/saturation and transparencies, along with added brushes and polyerising the above button to gain this effect.

The whole lot is being printed in A3 samples. I'm also getting a few meters split up with bigger prints of a few, and also some smaller ones done and 2 head scarfs! The whole lot is 3 meters and is costing me £170, which is expensive, but all places are the same, just this place the colours come out beautiful! Its from fabricad! I will upload it when its here!! So excited! :D



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