Monday, 19 November 2012

Law and Order UK Work

This is only going to be a small update, I'll post a little more on Wednesday, but I will officially be working on the set of Law and Order UK in the wardrobe/costume department, very excited! It sounds like they'll be training me up on Wednesday then, I should be going back to do some more work after, once we've worked everything out, but its quite far from where I live at the moment so I'll need to stay with my boyfriend in Portsmouth to make it less of a commute, therefore there's a fair bit to sort out, but I'll manage it! I'm not entirely sure what it is I'll exactly be doing yet, but by the sounds of it I'll be altering clothes for the actors, which will be really cool!

Law and Order UK Promo cast shot

If any of you are not sure what Law and Order UK is, it is a ITV crime series based in the court room, any of my American readers will probably know what it is, as it did start off as an American series and then we have adopted it. It is a very good drama series, definitely worth watching! I always do, I'm quite a sado for my crime dramas haha :) I love them all, but this is probably one of my favourites because it shows a different view to the usual chasing after bad guys and shooting them etc, its very clever, and well thought out. You can find out more here:

Law and Order UK movie still. Actress Freema Agyeman who has now left.

Anyway I'll let you know how Wednesday goes and what I get up to :) but that's it for now!