Saturday, 25 February 2012

Moodboard and Inspiration

Ok, so as I said I'd show you what I'm up to in my sketchbook... bit later than I wanted but better late then never!

Here's my mind map of all the ideas flying around my head for the subject "Identity - Behind the mask"

I started off looking at people, facial expressions, close ups of features - I'll be uploading snap shots of my sketchbook soon when my camera decides to work!

Anyway here's how my moodboard is looking and the process of making and changing things around

dietro la maschera means behind the mask in italian - I always find other languages more beautiful and inspiring than english, so I always translate my collection name into a foreign language. The inspiration to change this into italian came from my housemate who is italian, I've read her italian books she has before so I knew it was a nice language to use.

Also by using a different language ties into my work, as I am going to start looking at concealing identity and hidden meanings, and by converting the name into another language it becomes concealed to a mass of people who don't understand that language :)

Image credits: Eye - Science photo library, CCTV Camera - Ultra secure direct, Brain Scan - Little about, Finger Print -
All other images and sketches are my own copyright.

The last one I think is the best placement idea I've come up with so far, the eye made out of wool was removed because I didn't feel it added anything to inspire me, if anything it started to detract away from the bleed of the images around it and the brain scan.

Oh and the drawing of the old man, that was my Grandad :). He died just before Christmas, so I thought what better way to remember him then use his beautiful face for my work. The people you love can be so inspiring, so I also used my new little nephew and my boyfriend (that's his ear haha) which you'll see hopefully very soon!

Colour pallet is still to be finalised - I'll put that up when I've finished my colour board :)

Now after a long hard productive day I'm off for a nice cup of tea, Mario kart followed by Hustle tucked up in bed. WIN!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

FMP Research

So I started my FMP a few weeks ago, I'm looking into "Identity", I have lots of ideas but I want to stay away from the obvious cliches and go for something with more depths to it. I can't tell you what I'm working on right now because I don't want to sway your answers, you're probably wondering what I'm talking about... well in order to generate more research I came up with the idea to do a survey just like I did for me Dissertation. It consists of 3 small questions and the more people that take part the better it'll be for my research and also the sooner it'll be before I reveal where I'm up to with my sketch book. Here's the link so you can take part to!

Click here to take the survey

I'll update this very soon with my findings and my sketchbook so watch this space!


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rebrand and Logo Design for Pugwash News/The Galleon

I work for our Student Newspaper as Deputy Editor a long side my degree, its good fun and it's taught me some really good skills, i.e Indesign, which is always handy!

Anyway we decided a name change was needed now to help the paper grow, it went from "Pugwash News" to "The Galleon", it is what the paper was 100 years ago so we thought it was an appropriate name to change to, a lot more professional and obviously it's in touch with our roots.

As with all rebrands a new logo was necessary, and the person in charge of that was me! I had to be careful when doing this because we'd all had the idea to have it as a ship, as it makes sense. Our local newspaper here in Portsmouth is The News and it has a Galleon as its logo, so in order to create something completely different and new, I came up with a few rough idea's then for the rest of the design process I continuously looked at The News and loads of other well known papers. I did this to make sure I didn't subconsciously copy anything, and eliminated anything that looked even slightly like another newspaper. I then drew up the ship I'd come up with properly in illustrator and substituted the A in The Galleon with the ship which was actually drawn from a Galleon. Here's how our rebrand is looking... (apologies for the poor photographer all I had was my phone on me and I had to be pretty quick!)
The above banner was not designed by me, just "The Galleon" bit, its just another example of how our rebrand is coming together
The ship being carried through out the paper :)
Proof it was me! Look there's my name!
The Ship again being carried through the paper
Advert designed by me, few mistakes to be corrected though!
Quickstand - my whole design, I think it looks rather good :)
The overall paper! It's a huge difference from the original Pugwash News, the entire design has been tweaked, we're aiming for an overall more professional look, and personally I believe we are well on our way to achieving it!


Les Miserables

So today they were auditioning for extras for the new Les Miserables starring Hugh Jackman, Russle Crow, Anne Hathaway and other similar stars, I've got nothing to lose and if you get a part its at least £110 a day so why not?

I wandered down there expecting a massive que, to find a relatively small one only had to wait about half an hour and we was in.

First stage: We had to fill in a form, with our contact details, heigh, bra size etc and we were all given a number. There was an extra box to fill in on the form that I'm particularly excited about... "do you have any other skills we might find useful", I bet you can guess what I put! Yep I put down I was a fashion and textiles student therefore I could help out with anything creative, wardrobe, costume design etc, so fingers crossed!

Second stage: We had to take our coats scarves, hats etc off, it was bloody freeeeezing! Then we got measured and had our photographs taken and that was it!

I did think we would have more to do but apparently not, anyway fingers crossed I get something, that money could really help me for my FMP and final year show, I'll let you know how it goes :)