Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spoonflower Favourites

I recently found my love of Spoonflower again. Spoonflower is one of many sites where you can upload your textiles designs and illustrations to either showcase them, sell them or both. It has been ages since I last visited this site but I still love it just as much, and I'm glad I stumbled upon it again. 

I thought you might like to see my favourite designs that I've found this week. I'm hoping I might make this a regular thing and either every week or every other week showcase my top five designs of the week/fortnight.

Anyway, here is my top five designs I've found this week:

Birdhouse - troismiettes/Isabelle
I love this; it's by a girl named Isabelle from Troismiettes. I love the subtle hints of colour from the birds and the way it is very cleverly repeated in a classic way. Its beautiful and I think it would make stunning wallpaper.

Mustache Mania - Bianca Green
Bianca Green makes this series of crazy moustaches. I love all the colours, and the way that although some of them should clash they don't, they just work. It is a really quirky fun print and I think it's awesome.

Foxen - Holli Zollinger
I love everything to do with animals, so I adore this fox print, its beautifully illustrated. I love the simplicity of it, it has the perfect amount of detail and works brilliantly. Finally the way the foxes look like they are dancing is so cute, I love it.

Woodland - Lydia Meiying
This cluster of beautifully illustrated woodland creatures is just stunning. The level of detail is brilliant. I love the way all the animals slot in and interlock with each other. Leaving the colours simple was a great idea as it allows you to take in the detail more, enabling you to see just how much hard work has gone into the drawing. Very inspiring.

Toby - Lydia Meiying
Ok, now I honestly did not notice until now that the same illustrator designed both of these. Lydia gets extra brownie points from me for drawing totally awesome animals. This one is my ultimate favourite this week. I love the repeat, I love the design, I love the detail, I love the cute little face of the bear, and I LOVE that it's named Toby, the bear definitely looks like a Toby. His cute little face makes my day. I love this one for the same reasons I love the last one and so much more. The level of cuteness in this is amazing, I love it so much I need it in a cushion, on my wall, and all over my chairs. It is just awesome and adorable. All links for this one are found above aswell.

Let me know which ones are you favourites, or if you happen to find any you really love on the spoonflower website. 


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