Monday, 29 July 2013


We all love a bit of online shopping but it never compares to the real thing, a day out with your friends, having a laugh setting the world to rights, and being able to nip into a cute little coffee shop for a cheeky slab of chocolate cake, or a creamy McFlurry to cool down before continuing with your shopping marathon is so much better than being sat at home clicking away at your computer.

However, although you'll never be able to quite get that same experience from the comfort of your own living room, there is a way to add more of a social experience to your online shopping, and its all from the same website.

Mallzee is a new online shopping website that allows you to connect with your friends without all being in the same room, it is not too different to Stylefruits, perfect for when you're too busy to meet in person or on a long boring train journey home.

The site allows each user to generate their own online Mall with their favourite brands, your favourite clothing items can then be saved to your "Wardrobe" where you can bring items together and figure out whether they will work as an outfit, this section of the site is also designed to suggest other items that might go with the items selected. The suggestions aren't always that great but it does come up with one or two good ones, I also think this will improve as the amount of times you use the site and the number of people using the site increases.

Mallzee then also allows you to share outfits or items of clothing in one place in the "Ask My Friends" section where you can get your friends opinions and they can vote which item of clothing or outfit you should buy.

The site is new, so it has still got a lot further to go, I must admit I'm a not a big lover of the design and layout, but the basics are there and from what I've seen of the site it runs fairly smoothly and is quick to load each section.

I do like the idea behind the site, having just one place where you can set up your own personal shopping experience pulling every brand or style you love together. It definitely beats having to faff around going to several different sites refining every search to the same thing, ending up with endless internet tabs open that just slow your computer down, or you ending up in a flap because you don't remember where you saw that amazing dress or shoes you fell in love with, so the site definitely has its perks.

Mallzee has also been named one of the "11 best startup concepts in Europe by Google, Bizcamp Telaviv and The Next Web" and I do like the concept I just think it needs a fair amount of tweaks, and it does have a some better features and ideas than sites like Stylefruits, but then Stylefruits is a lot more pleasing on the eye and has a nicer layout, however with more work Mallzee could be just as good if not better.

I'll let you make up your own mind up on the site, you can find it here: Mallzee

**If you use that link above and sign up the team at Mallzee have agreed to give a percentage of my reader's exclusive VIP accounts, this will give you access to special promotions and VIP bonus features (This may take a few days to activate). Why not take a look? It's got to be worth a try!**