Sunday, 8 December 2013

Working at COSMOPOLITAN: Week 2

I finished my second week at COSMO on Friday, and I'm still really enjoying it. Each week I meet new members of the team from different departments and everyone still seems lovely and friendly, in fact they're a little bit bonkers as well, so I fit in well haha!

I've never felt so appreciated in a job, they give me lots of goodies, they are all so polite and someone says thank you to me before I go home every night, I completely love COSMO.


What I wore: Coat: F&F £35, shirt: Misguided £25, skirt: Primark £12, tights: New Look £6, boots: eBay outlet £16.99. Makeup is all Clinque.

Favourite part of the day: Seeing the results of the photoshoot from the previous Friday, they looked so cool!

Tip of the day: When you start your day take a five minutes to see what needs doing so you can prioritise the most important bits, it doesn't look like you are being lazy not setting off straight away it will just make you work more efficiently.


What I wore: Coat: £35 F&F, top: £95 All Saints, skirt: £7 H&M, trainer wedges: £15 Primark, tights: £6 New Look, watch: £95 DKNY, bracelet: present. Makeup all Clinque 

Favourite part/parts of the day: Getting given some bits to review :)

Tip of the day: If you're commuting a long way set your alarm for your stop and sleep on the train, the power nap really helps!


What I wore: Coat: £15 Primark, top: £22 River Island, skirt: £35 Red Herring, tights: £4 Primark, shoes: £4 Primark, watch: £95 DKNY, necklace: £20 Warren James, bracelet with jewels: £10 River Island, rings and other bracelets: presents. All makeup is Clinque

Favourite part/parts of the day: Finally completing all the goodie bags for Cosmo Ultimate Woman Awards, and then being given one of the awesome goodie bags packed full of extras.

Tip of the day: Stay that extra five or ten minutes to clear your desk of any paperwork, it makes it easier to start work the next day and it always leaves a good impression with your employers.

DAY 4:

What I wore: Short sleeved jumper: £20 Republic, necklace: £8.99 Accessorise, jeans: £15 H&M, boots: eBay outlet £16.99, watch: £95 DKNY, bracelet with jewels: £10 River Island, rings and other bracelets: presents. All makeup Clinque

Favourite part/parts of the day: Being able to see what outfits were being packed for the Maldives shoot and also having a cheeky McDonalds at my desk.

Tip of the day: If you are getting up to get yourself a drink, ask if other people want one to!


What I wore: Cardigan: £10 Internacional, dress: £22 Next, belt: £5 TK Maxx, tights: £5 New Look, shoes: £4 Primark, necklace: £5 eBay Outlet. 

Favourite part/parts of the day: Having a laugh with the girls in the office.

Tip of the day: If you have a problem, or you think there might be a problem getting home or even if you're feeling ill, let them know! They would sooner send you home then you suffer, if you're worrying or feeling awful you're not going to work as well anyway.

I've been asked a few times "Is it glamorous?" "What's it like?" "Is it like Devil Wears Prada?". Well it is nothing like The Devil Wears Prada, that is a film and isn't real! I'm sure there is a fair people in the industry that are nasty and horrible but everyone at COSMO is the best! It isn't glamorous, it is just fun, it is hard work and long days but if you have a team like they have at COSMO it can be a good laugh, and why shouldn't it be like that? Fashion is fun!

I'm loving it, I would quite happily work for the Fashion Department at COSMO everyday, they are just one big happy family, possibly a little bit crazy but who isn't? :)

The only downside to it is I don't get in till very late, I don't have any time to do anything else except eat and go straight to bed. When I eventually get a paid job, if it is in London I'm sure I'll end up moving closer to make it all a bit easier. My kitty isn't impressed with the late nights either!!



  1. Congrats Sarah, Sounds like great fun and a great opportunity!! xo r

    1. Thanks Robin, yeah it's great, going to miss it when I finish it! SJ xx