Sunday, 15 December 2013

Working at COSMOPOLITAN: Week 3

I can't believe I've finished my third week at COSMO, it is going so quickly and I'm loving every minute, I am going to be so sad to leave :(. I've learnt so much more this week as well, I'd go as far as saying this is the best work experience I've had so far! I think I've quite possibly found my place where I can fit into the industry. I've been trusted twice this week to man the office on my own as the other ladies were all on shoots, and I've been told I did a really good job! And I even got to pick out the high street version of the outfit we have on the front cover which was really cool. I'll post a picture when it comes out but unfortunately I can't say anything now. 


What I wore: Dress: £35, River Island, belt: £7, Republic, necklace: £8.99, Accessorise, pumps: £4, Primark, tights: (more to come on these later), pink beaded bracelet: £4, New Look, other bracelets: presents. Makeup is all Clinque.

Favourite part of the day: Picking out the high street version of the outfit on the front cover.

Tip of the day: If you're asked to do something with a big responsibility, don't panic, take a deep breath and get on with it, this is you're moment to shine.


What I wore: Jumper: £10.99 OYISIS, shirt: £16.99 New Look, pink chinos: £3.00 F&F, studded pumps: £12.99 outlet on eBay. Makeup all Clinque 

Favourite part/parts of the day: being told I'd done a good job the day before :)

Tip of the day: If you're asked you're opinion on something don't say what you think they want to hear, be honest but obviously polite! They'll appreciate you honesty more than you lies.


So I had a bit of a comfy day, we all need them from time to time and converse are a must!

What I wore: Jumper: £25 River Island, navy chinos: £21.99 Zara, trainers: £39 Converse. All makeup is Clinque

Favourite part/parts of the day: Being asked my opinion on the front cover by Louise Court, Editor-in-Chief.

Tip of the day: If another department needs a hand, then help them out, they'll really appreciate and its good to know more about other sections of the place you work at.

DAY 4:

What I wore: Cardigan: £16.99 New Look, necklace: £8.99 Accessorise, shirt and belt: £12.99 Miss Selfridge, skirt: £7, H&M, pumps: £4 Primark. All makeup Clinque

Favourite part/parts of the day: Arriving at work to find this on my desk from Sairey Stemp, Fashion Editor :)
Also over hearing one of the girls singing my praises to the others!

Tip of the day: If a company is complaining to you about something, don't panic, be patient, even if it is about something from before you was there take it on the chin, NEVER say "it's not my fault" apologise and take the time to look into it to see if you can sort out the problem, if not don't be afraid to pass it on to someone else but make sure you have done everything in your power to rectify it first to avoid putting extra pressure on those that are already busy, you never know you might surprise yourself with how you manage!


What I wore: Polo neck: £7.99 eBay Outlet, jeans: £7 New Look, boots: £69 Dorothy Perkins. 

Favourite part/parts of the day: Beauty sale, never been given so much in my life, I still donated despite being told I'd get it free purely because it goes to charity and I felt it was unfair and I didn't want to take the mick. Oh and thank you Sairey again for my giant Lolly Pop! Also my leaving/thank you presents from Alex Lunt, Junior Fashion Stylist, so grateful although I'm sure it should be me saying thank you as I've had such an amazing time and experience!!

Tip of the day: It's nice to receive a gift, but it's always better to give back!

Before I go I also just wanted to wish my beautiful nephew, Finley, a HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, love the cheeky little fella so much and he deserves a shout out, especially as I couldn't be with him on his birthday <3

Here he is:

Super cute isn't he?! :D


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