Sunday, 16 November 2014

Preview: Skulling Around

So this week's haul was a big one! The guys from Skull Accessories and the Beautiful Bracelet Shop sent me a massive bundle of some gorgeous products, which I'll be styling up later on in the week. Take a look at some of the goodies I've received...

Loving the little compact mirror :) Seem to have quite a collection of these now! haha

I think the print on the top is really unique, I love how the illustrator has made skulls out of pineapples, it's not something I've seen before and even though I'm a designer myself I don't actually think I'd have even thought about it, I think it's been brilliantly done and works fantastic as a repeat.

So many pretty bracelets, can't wait to put them with an outfit! So happy I received some earrings as well, I normally ignore my ears as I generally can't wear earrings for very long anymore but it's something I want to start getting used to again, and I just love these cute little skull drops, they look really pretty in and they're not too heavy! 

My favourite bracelet has to be the Eiffel Tower one towards the bottom of the picture below, although you can't see it so well on here so you'll just have to wait till my next post, when I'll be wearing it with an outfit :)

All but one of these bracelets are from the Beautiful Bracelet Shop... and are all reasonably priced. The black and gold skull bracelet is from Skull Accessories like the rest of the accessories I've received. 

This was a nice little surprise, something I'll now have to take off my Christmas list haha, this is actually a manicure kit!

Its small and compact and I love the fact it comes in a little case, its going to be brilliant for holidays.

Now for my favourite item! Loving these scarves, in particular the pink one, I know exactly what I can put with this and I hope you'll love it too when you see it. Both of these scarves are fantastic value for money, so why not get yourself one?

Please check out and there are some beautiful finds there!

Remember to come back later on in the week to see how I style the items and what they look like in an outfit!


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