Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fashion Shoot: Behind The Scenes


So as you all know by now I have a full time job as a Fashion Stylist, so this week I thought I'd take you behind the scenes to see what we get up to and what its like as a stylist.

It's not always as glamorous as you think, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun! This week we wanted a very specific set, which would cost a fortune to have made and as we have a strict budget we decided to build it ourselves! 

It may have been cardboard and it might not be that neat but just you wait till we get it in photoshop! :) besides we had great fun doing it!!!

Here is Roy our grumpy photographer busy cutting out...

And he's me having a bit of fun with the already cut out trees.

Here's my clothes rail ready for the shoot, lots of gorgeous outfits! Can you spot everything you like?

All my jewellery ready to go!

Then it was time to get our beautiful model from Nemesis Model Agency Manchester Sarah Bannister ready. For the make up at the beginning we was going for a more natural look, and we built on top of it during the day.

One shot all done and ready for the edit, what do you think of my styling? Would you wear this?

Another, loving this, it's going to be great for social media... which bag would you choose to go with this outfit?

And now you can see what we were making with the cardboard... we love these shots can't wait to get them in photoshop! I can promise you it looks better on the actual camera!

And it seems little red riding hood showed up! Perfect for our winter wonderland theme :)

Finally some finished edits....

When I can access the rest I'll post the other finished photos up too!

The team for the day was...
Photographer: Roy Bridgetwood
Make Up Artist: Kat Horrocks
and obviously the stylist was me!!
(All the names are linked up if you want to take a look at them)


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